Wing It | Brand Identity

Wing It | Brand Identity

Wing it is a travel brand. This brand starts with the promise to make people feel comfortable, inspired, identified, and supported during their journey through the products and accessories that the brand will offer.

Magali from Wing It is inspired by the community, the experiences that nurture the journey, and the different places in the world.

All these concepts are what she described to us in the brief and were the ones we wanted to represent in the identity design.

For the design of this logo, we were inspired by the idea of a passport stamp to play with the idea of travel. It is composed of a circle and waves, which represent nature and community.

Our reference for the colour palette was the colours found in nature. We worked on an illustration inspired by the landscape of a beach, which will be part of the first merchandising collection: t-shirts and tote bags. We also created business cards and cover for Instagram highlights.




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