About us

We are Bita and Chris, a Chilean and French couple currently living on Gold Coast. We met traveling in New Zealand, doing the kiwi season in a packhouse. We traveled for a year around this beautiful country, doing seasonal jobs and road trips. We loved being surrounded by natural environment. Together we created Banana Chocolate.

Banana Chocolate is a creative studio that inspires, motivates, and creates purposeful designs. We love working hand in hand with you. To add spark, joy, and colour to your ideas and make them stand out. We love bringing spaces and brands back to life. We enjoy building relationships and making people happy with art.

We work worldwide. We have been working with different people and brands around the world like Chile, Argentina, Colombia, USA, Spain, France, and Australia. We’ve also collaborated with Lollapalooza music festival Chile.

We feel very inspired by nature. Nature always has a message for us and it is what we try to convey with our art through vibrant colours.